Educated in Spain and later in Chile where he completed an MBA at Adolfo Ibañez University. In the early 1980s, he managed one of the country’s most important companies (Dos en Uno Group), before overseeing its sale in 1998 to Arcor.

    He made his first steps into real estate in 1988, founding Constructora Aconcagua. The company focused on housing for the lower to middle socioeconomic classes. A yearly average of 1,000 housing units were constructed until 1994, when he sold his shares in the company. He has subsequently led important development projects and can boast having invested and managed a total surface area of 1.5 million m2. He is currently in charge of one of the country’s most important land management projects (Maratue): over 1,000 hectares of urban real estate lined up for 15,000 housing units and other land uses.